Our Focus

We here at A1 Diabetes focus on providing our patients with the medical equipment they need in a timely and cost effective manner.

We also strive to offer the highest level of service possible. Our commitment to meet the needs of our patients is surpassed by no other. Keeping everything as simple as possible for you and your patients is a top priority.


Advantages for our A1 Diabetes Patients

  • FREE delivery of all medical supplies straight to patient’s door
  • FREE training to teach our patients proper use of their medical supplies
  • FREE materials, gifts, and even 24/7 assistance to better educate our patients
  • Only quality name brand products are offered to our patients
  • Our staff handles “ALL” of our patients’ insurance paperwork

Advantages for our A1 Diabetes Physicians

  • Educated office staff – focused on products and insurance regulations
  • Physician hotline for quick answers to questions on products, orders, or insurance
  • Access to “Rapid Referral” program. The most seamless, quickest process to refer a patient
  • FREE sample products & educational materials for your patients & office
  • Streamlined process for all paperwork and insurance requirements

Products and Services

As a Medicare contract awarded supplier, we ensure that our patients have only the best products available to them and are also happy with the options we are able to provide to them. We are very proud to be able to offer them the following high-quality, name brand products:

  • Solus V2 Meter
  • OnCall Plus Meter
  • Lancets
  • Control Solution
  • Embrace Meter
  • OneTouch Meter
  • Lancing Devices
  • Replacement Batteries
  • TrueTrack Meter
  • Bayer Contour Meter
  • Testing Strips

A1 Diabetes offers these supplies every 90 days and ships them absolutely FREE to your door. We also take the headache out of the paperwork for our patients. We bill Medicare on their behalf saving them time and any possibilities of waiting for reimbursements. Medicare takes care of 80% of these costs, and if the patient has secondary insurance, they will pay the remaining 20%... a valuable service that we offer all of our patients at A1 Diabetes.